Our Story



Gardenias to Champagnes story begins with its founder, Jennifer Fanelli. For as long as she can remember, Jennifer loved to design and decorate. Having a keen eye for detail and an exceptionally artistic and imaginative spirt, Jennifer founded Signature Design Creations, an interior design firm that specializes in luxury residential and commercial interiors.

This passion for design can be seen in all the interior spaces she transforms.  With choice fabrics, furnishing, architectural elements, antiques and fine artwork Jennifer crafts interior spaces that embody a timeless yet comfortable sophistication.

When she is not designing, Jennifer can be found traveling around from coast to coast gathering inspiration from the beautiful colors, motifs, patterns, and textures that surround her. These artistic muses and authentic finds not only influence all her designs but are found seamlessly incorporated throughout her signature interiors. 

Jennifer’s desire to help others find their own personal style, be enthusiastic about design and create the life they always dreamed about living, laid the groundwork for her new endeavor. Built on the desire to create an exceptional shopping experience that would bring together carefully selected vendors and their products, centered around her fundamental design principles, aesthetic, and vision led to the creation of Gardenias to Champagne.

Gardenias to Champagne is an online lifestyle boutique that carries visually compelling, well-made items that are as unique as our customers. From luxury designers to contemporary brands that range from home décor, fashion, jewelry, accessories and more! We delight in being able to create a place where our customers can be inspired to learn something new, create memorable experiences for family and friends, as well as express their own sense of style celebrating what makes them uniquely who they are!